Below can be found examples of my writing, both feature based articles and interviews.

Exclusive inside look at the Royal Navy’s upgraded Merlin helicopter

“Returning to RNAS Yeovilton after several hours in the air, one of the crew smiles and jokes “lots of aircraft out today – Russia will be watching”. Fair enough; Yeovilton is home to the world’s most advanced amphibious battlefield helicopter, the newly upgraded Merlin Mk4.”

Exclusive look at HMS Clyde in the Falkland Islands

The conflict of 1982 remains in everyone’s mind, but Harris insists that HMS Clyde is there for “reassurance”, not defence.

“A big part of my operational role down here is to provide that visual presence. We want to be seen. We want to go and meet people”. As a result, her crew will consciously train near to the shore so the locals can see that constant presence.